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There is an opportunity to revolutionise medicine with a new early detection, diagnosis and treatment approach. Pancreatic cancer is often not detected until it has advanced because it usually doesn't show symptoms in its early stages. There is also no early screening tool for pancreatic cancer, contributing to poor outcomes for many patients.​Leveraging artificial intelligence, we are developing a bioinspired nanorobotics device to:



Early detect pancreatic cancer forming at its earliest stage ​



Monitor treatment progress in real-time 


​Deliver targeted treatment 

Watch the Dare to Hope documentary 
An insight into the life of former AFL Hawthorn player Paul Dear and his family, following his diagnosis of terminal Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


Available to stream exclusively on SBS on Demand and Kayo Sports 


The technology under development is not yet commercially available. While we continue to advance product development, we strongly encourage people to know the signs of pancreatic cancer to promote earlier diagnosis.

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