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Our Technology

Nanorobots are autonomous, programmable nano-scale devices designed to navigate the intricate terrain of the human body to detect and treat diseases like cancer.


Our nanorobots technology is being designed to early diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer – specifically pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – PDAC – the most common and aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, with the most devastating human impact.


The nanorobots are designed with a navigational system that seeks out pancreatic cancer in the body. Once located, and powered by AI-driven software, it’s designed to wirelessly collate diagnostic data of the disease forming at its earliest stage – at a cellular level. It’s also designed to undertake tissue analysis without the need for a biopsy.


When treatment is required, the nanorobots will be loaded with the relevant anti-cancer agent, this may be an existing anticancer drug or a new drug on the market, and delivered in high concentrations to cancer cells, increasing efficacy and minimising side effects. What sets our technology apart is its real-time monitoring potential, which will lay the groundwork for treatment plans to be agilely reviewed and adjusted based on real-time insights, rather than at intermittent cycles.


Ultimately, these combined capabilities are designed to help pancreatic cancer be detected early, and where cancer is detected, to help patients achieve remission sooner.


Our Future Vision

In the future, our vision is for the technology to screen for, early detect and treat a range of diseases. This pipeline includes other complex cancers such as:

• Brain cancer

• Cervical cancer

• Lung cancer


As well as non-cancerous diseases, including:

• Brain disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Respiratory diseases like pneumonia   


Funding is needed to continue our research – if you’re a prospective investor please read more here.

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