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Our Story

We are determined to making thriving the norm

NanoCube Health is an award winning, early-stage Melbourne-based research and development company developing transformational cancer diagnostic and therapeutic technology for the early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer. 


The company was founded in response to the loss of a loved one to a complex cancer type. The company’s co-founders, Dr Shawn Goussous and Lisa Milani, decided to put their skills to good use – to improve survival rates and quality of life of people with complex diseases like pancreatic cancer. 

Why 'NanoCube' Health? 

Our pioneering DuoBots™ device is being developed using nanotechnology, so at the nanoscale. To give you an idea of scale, there are 1,000,000 nanometers in one millimeter, and our technology is designed to be just 10 nanometers. We are also fascinated by the naturally super strong cubic structure of the diamond, and it sometimes feels like what we do is like solving a Rubik’s cube!

Our Team



Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Shawn is a materials scientist and holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne. His research interests include nanoengineering, nanocomposites, precision medicine and biomimetic innovation. He has extensive experience developing advanced materials suitable for medical and non-medical applications. Shawn also brings expertise as a consultant working with manufacturing companies to ensure quality and regulatory compliance, and to streamline operations for optimal efficiency.



Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa is an impact-driven leader with nearly 15 years of experience in senior and executive leadership roles. She excels at strategic planning, business development, project management and operational management. She also has extensive experience overseeing ideas from conceptualisation to market launch and beyond, resulting in outcomes that have positively impacted on consumers’ lives. Lisa completed her MBA at Monash Business School. 




Jack graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and two Diplomas in Mathematics (Statistics) & Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). His research interests are centered around the computational modelling of cells and the design of biomolecular control systems (bionanorobots) in order to monitor and treat disease. Jack is currently advancing the diagnostic aspect of the design under the guidance of Dr. Shawn Goussous (NanoCube Health) and Professor Lingxue Kong (Deakin University, Institute of Frontier Materials).

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Our Vision

We are working to create a world where people diagnosed with complex diseases like pancreatic cancer not only survive but thrive.


Our Mission

To transform oncology diagnostics and treatment through low cost and accessible nanorobotics technology 

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Our Values





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